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DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is correct to the best of our knowledge. We can not be sure that additional information does not exist, but we use "believe" where we have what we believe to be creditable information/knowledge and we use "know" where we have actual facts either by participation and observation of the facts. We have made every attempt to present the information in an objective manner for the benefit of the consumer.
History Of The Gold Foil Tiger Woods Cards

We know the GOLD FOIL trim Tiger Woods ROOKIE cards were issued in November of 1997 and made available to those who had purchased the boxed sets in 1997 or were subscribers to the sets from previous years. The boxed sets for 1997 were issued in the Spring of 1997. We purchased here at Sports Collectibles, Inc 300 boxed sets and received those sets in the Spring of 1997. We received the 300 Tiger Woods Rookie cards from the manufacturer, Grand Slam Ventures, in November. We understand that to fulfill obligations to other subscribers, approximately 300 additional cards were produced. We have been told that to fulfill obligations to other subscribers, approximately 300 additional cards were produced. Articles have been published stating that the production was believed to be approximately 500 gold foil cards. How many more over-run cards exist, we do not know.

The set came in a plain brown box containing a black binder with gold foil lettering "Champions of Golf The Masters Collection" and 61 gold foil cards. Inside the binder were plastic pages to hold the cards. Cards were not inserted into the pages but came in two different decks wrapped in bubble wrap. The 62nd card was the Tiger Woods card issued in November of 1997. 

Gold Ink Tiger Woods Cards Issued in Sets

The gold ink cards first appeared as the 1997 issue as the 62 card set in a black box. The 1998 issue was a 63 card set in the same black box but with a gold colored sleeve over it. The manufacturer took the 62 card set and put the 63rd card (Mark O'Meara - 1998 Champion) in a brown manila envelope and slid it under the gold sleeve and resealed the package. These are a 14 point card stock, about 14/1000th's of an inch. No sets that we know of were issued without the boxes. 

Gold Ink Cards From Uncut Sheets

The uncut sheets we believe were produced in 1997 through an unknown period. These were first intended to be used for framing and to be hung on the wall. These were printed on a thinner card stock from the set issued cards. 

Differences Between the Set Issued Cards and the Uncut Sheet Cards

The uncut sheet cards are thinner card stock than the set issued cards. The uncut sheet did not have to be as sturdy as the cards were not intended to be cut out - only displayed in a frame as a sheet. Obviously you do not want to take the graded card out of  the holder to measure the thickness. The set issued cards mic at about 14/1000ths of an inch. The sheet cards about 2 -3 1000ths less. Or about 20% less card stock.

The back side color differences can be key to the casual observer. The red in the sleeve on Tiger Woods' shirt is bright red on MOST of the set issued cards and near orange on the uncut sheet cards. See pictures below. The gold ink also has a noticeably different shade: the set issued is more gold and the uncut sheets tend towards a tan gold color. Combine the red/orange issue with the gold/tan issue and this will help you see the difference in the two cards.

Graded Gold Ink Cards

We have been told that PSA initially graded a few gold ink cards from the uncut sheets before they realized there was a difference. And, we have been told that they no longer will grade the uncut sheet cards.

SGC does grade the uncut sheet cards, but distinguishes those as the 1997-1999 card while the card from the 1997 black box and the 1998 gold sleeved black box sets is titled as the 1997 card. During the early stages of grading by SGC, they graded some uncut sheet cards as the 1997 until they discovered the difference also. 

Some grading companies continue to grade cards as 1997 even though they are from the uncut sheets. Consider this when making your purchase. 


Gold Ink Card From Set
Note the color of Tiger Woods' shirt sleeve.
It is RED. No doubt that it is red. Bright red.
This card typically has the red sleeve color
but some do not. 
Then look at the gold print on the back.
Note the gold ink at top is brilliant gold color.
The black Tiger Woods lettering is heavy.
The skin tones are darker on this card. 
The black in in Tiger Woods is the same 
black as the card - not lighter.

Gold Ink Card From Uncut Sheet
Note the color of the sleeve here.
It is ORANGE - or near ORANGE.
If there is any doubt that it is bright red, then it
is orange and you should look at the gold ink issue.
The gold ink at the top tends towards tan color.
The black Tiger Woods lettering is thinner.
The black ink in Tiger Woods at the top is
lighter than the card color black.

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