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Dale Earnhardt "Chase the Champion" Series Graded Cards

The Dale Earnhardt -
Professionally Graded Cards
The Only  Trading Card Officially Licensed by 
NASCAR" (1995) as stated on each card.
This is the 1995 Maxx Race Cards, Inc. series to commemorate Dale Earnhardt's 7th Championship Season (1994) tying Richard Petty's record of 7 championships. 

Each card is professionally graded and contained in a secure plastic holder. The grading service has also assigned a unique serial number to each grading. 

There are 7 cards that are available. Card number 3 at the left is called the INTIMIDATOR card showing Dale wearing his classic sunglasses and standing next to the #3 Chevy.

Two grades are available: 
Gem Mint 10 and Mint 9 grades.
Some are sold out.

See the other cards below.

Card #3 Choices are:

#7581_3_10/Grade GM 10  $17.95  Order

#7581_3_9/Grade M 9  $9.95   Order
Buy The Entire Set Of 7 Cards

All 7 cards Graded Mint 9 - $62.50   Order

Card #1 is the 1994 Awards Ceremony Trophy Presentation. Dale is in a tuxedo - no less. Great photo. Text on back about his career. Very popular card!! 

#7581_1_10/Grade 10  $17.95 Order

#7581_1_9/Grade 9   $9.95   Order

Card # 2 is the 1994 Talladega race Trophy Presentation card. This was his 3rd victory of the year & 7th win at Talladega. 

#7581_2_10/Grade 10   $17.95   Order

#7581_2_9/Grade 9   $9.95   Order

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Card #4 is an action shot of the "Black Number Three" Goodwrench Chevy at work on the track. Very popular!!

#7581_4_10/Grade 10   $17.95 Sold Out  

#7581_4_9/Grade 9   $9.95   Order

Card #5 is the 1994 Rockingham Trophy Presentation. There's actually 2 trophies in the picture with Dale. This was his 4th victory of the season.

#7581_5_10/Grade 10  $17.95  Order

#7581_5_9/Grade 9   $9.95  Order

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Card #6 is Dale at the Post-Race Interview after the Darlington race "The Lady in Black"  - his first win in 1994.

#7581_6_10/Grade 10   $17.95  Order

#7581_6_9/Grade 9   $9.95   Order

Card #7 is 1994 Bristol Trophy Presentation Ceremony with Dale holding the 76 checkered flag. His wife is standing with him in this picture. This was his 2nd win in 1994. Very nice.

#7581_7_10/Grade 10   $17.95   Order

#7581_7_9/Grade 9   $9.95   Order

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"Salute To Racing's Greatest"
1994 National Collectors Convention - Graded Mint 9
These are all hologram cards with beautiful light movement - by Score Board

Card # NC14 is the 1993 Daytona Bush Clash Trophy presentation card.

3018_14_9/Grade 9  $9.95   Order

Grade 10 is SOLD OUT

Card #NC15 is a shot of Dale "Dressed in Black" and moving through the crowd.

3018_15_9/Grade 9   $9.95   Order

Grade 10 is SOLD OUT

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Card #NC16 is the TransSouth Financial Darlington Trophy Presentation card.

3018_16_9/Grade 9  $9.95   Order

Grade 10 is SOLD OUT

Card #NC17 is a shot of Dale and his wife at a trophy presentation.

3018_17_9/Grade 9   $9.95   Order

Grade 10 is SOLD OUT

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Card #NC18 is a shot of Dale in a familiar setting next to the #3 Chevrolet.

3018_18_9/Grade 9  $17.95   Order

Grade 10 is SOLD OUT


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